Avian Vogelschutz-Verein e.V.

Each accepted bird causes expenses of at least 30 Euro for adequate food, not counting veterinary treatment and the shelter and care provided 365 days a year at own voluntary initiative. In order to raise part of the necessary support, an association for bird protection ("Avian Vogelschutz-Verein e.V.") was founded in Berlin on August 6th, 2004. The proceeds don't even nearly cover the expenses, thus requiring private funding in the five-digit Euro span every year. This shows the extensive need for adequate bird care, which is not covered anywhere else.

An ownerless animal has to be fed, cared for and kept suitably for its species and needs all the same. Without the required knowledge, ability and equipment it is not allowed to keep or take care of it. In Berlin the care structures for wild animals in need are not sufficient.

We need financial support also for the voluntary helpers not provided from public funds, if we do not want to refuse the further intake of birds. In Berlin there is no state-run facility for the rehabilitation of wildlife at all. This is the reason why we commit our private resources within possible and achievable limits to get birds back in the air. The Avian bird protection association is listed in the register of Berlin under No. 24221 Nz and entitled to issue donation receipts.

Other animals

The forested street is a good biotope for hedgehogs and squirrels. Other animals can be also be taken care of and released to a limited extent.

And how do cats stay away from the bird station ? Our "Hasi" makes sure of that. By him and the warning calls of their fellow birds, the young birds learn to recognize an enemy. Thanks to him there are also no rats at the feeding places. Luckily he learnt a long time ago that he will never catch a bird.